About us

Zeder Co International Inc./ Oregon Institute of Geological Research is known for fine and fair priced Fossils, Minerals and Artifacts from around the World.

Our specialty are german Fossils from all ages and locations as Messel/Eocene, Bundenbach/Devonian, Solnhofen/Jurassic( out of our own quarry), Permian amphibians and many more.

All our german Fossils are preparated in our own shop in Bad Homburg near Frankfurt/M.


We also have a Fossil quarry in Kemmerer, Wyoming for Green River Eocene fossil fish, plants and more with a 2000 SF prep shop and a Ranch for White River Oligocene Tortoise and Mammals as Oreodon, Camel, Horse, Sabertooth, Rino.......

That gives us the know how to answer all your questions with back round and truth.


Zederco International is Selling and buying!

We not only sell collections!
We also are very interested in buying intersting complete or incomplete collections of fossils and minerals.

If you might be intersted in selling your single fossil or mineral please feel free to contact us.